Christchurch Council grants loan of up to $1 million to Canterbury A&P Show

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 18, 2021 |

Christchurch City Council has agreed to provide the organisers of the New Zealand Agricultural Show, formerly the Canterbury A&P Show, with a one million dollar loan.

It has approved a loan of up to $1 million for the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association (CAPA) so that it can meet its ongoing financial obligations if this year’s New Zealand Agricultural Show has to be cancelled because of a COVID-19 lockdown or change in alert levels.

Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner said the show did not go ahead last year because of the pandemic, but the CAPA Board decided to proceed with this year’s event.

“There is considerable risk associated with planning a major event during a pandemic and the Board is concerned that if COVID-19 forces the cancellation of this year’s show, they would incur a substantial financial loss that could ultimately lead the organisation into voluntary liquidation.”

“To help alleviate that financial stress, the Council approved a loan of up to $1 million which CAPA can draw down on if the show has to be cancelled. The loan means that CAPA will be able to meet its financial obligations without the spectre of liquidation.’’

Should the loan be required, it will be funded through borrowing. “It will have no impact on rates as the interest CAPA will have to pay on the loan will cover the Council’s borrowing costs.”

To minimise any financial risk to the Council, the loan will also be secured against land and buildings that CAPA owns next to the Canterbury Agricultural Park in Curletts Road.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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