Christchurch mother wants high school girl charged following assault on daughter

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 25, 2023 |

The mother of an 11-year-old girl assaulted at school is frustrated the offender won’t face legal action because of her age.

Shirley, (not her real name) said her daughter was attacked at the Christchurch high school on Monday.

Footage of the assault surfaced on social media and was sent to Chris Lynch Media by Shirley.

It shows the offender, who appears to be larger than the victim, hitting her daughter at least 18 times.

Shirley said “I went to school the day after the attack and demanded action. The school said the perpetrator would be stood down for two days.”

Shirley then reported the incident to the police, but “because of the girl’s age, her punishment will be a warning from police.”

The implications of this legal limitation have left Shirley deeply concerned.

“This seemingly sends a message that young individuals can engage in such acts without facing the full consequences of their actions, apart from a few days at home.”

Shirley said while her daughter didn’t have “visual injuries” she still gets headaches and has a sore neck.

She said her daughter was brave enough to face school the day after the attack.

“But, unfortunately, the school let her down as the offender was still in class smirking and laughing at her.”

Shirley said “we send our children to school where they should feel safe, not threatened, picked on for the sake of internet videos.”

“It’s all very well for schools and companies to wear pink shirts to stop bullying, but more action needs to be taken.”

A police spokesman confirmed to Chris Lynch Media that police received a 105 report relating to a person being assaulted on Monday. “Inquiries are underway.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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