Changes coming for roundabout in New Brighton

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 07, 2023 |

Changes are coming for the Travis Road, Bower Avenue and Rookwood Avenue roundabout.

Christchurch City Council staff want to add speed humps on each approach lane, add concrete buildouts to narrow the road and slow vehicles down when travelling towards the roundabout.

Transport Operations Manager Stephen Wright said “We heard from public consultation on Council’s Safe Speed Neighbourhood programme in 2022 that there was a need to make the roundabout safer for all users, particularly at school times.

“This very busy roundabout is accessed by all road users, including people driving, cycling and walking, getting to and from Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ High Schools, the QEII Recreation and Sport Centre and the New Brighton township.

“There have been thirteen crashes at this roundabout over the last five years, involving all modes of transport.

“These proposed upgrades will help people feel safer when using the street to walk, bike or scooter to parks, schools and shops.”

“As part of the upgrades, the left-turn lane on Travis Road to Bower Avenue would be removed to increase the footpath width.

Road markings will be put in place to guide people cycling to take the whole lane when riding through the roundabout.

It is also “proposed” that larger pedestrian refuge islands will be added where the current flush medians are positioned.

This will slow traffic down and allow more people to cross the road safely during peak times.

Following this public consultation, submissions will be considered by local Community Board.

The Board will then decide whether to go ahead with the planned improvements.

View the full proposal and give feedback by 5 December 2023.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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