Caught on camera: Watch thief fail to break into Papanui shop

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 11, 2021 |

Offender trying to smash open the rear door of Black Sheep Trading

A thief who tried to raid a Papanui store failed after the owner beefed up security with metal bars.

Black Sheep Trading was raided by thieves in May with offenders stealing $13,000 worth of scooters.

Owner Luke Ambrose was determined not to let that happen again.

He got security bars installed in front of the shop’s windows and at the back door.

This time around the offender had no chance.

Ambrose told Chris Lynch at 3.08AM Friday morning an offender parked a car on a side street near his shop on Papanui Road.

The offender is seen on camera walking up to the shop and looking in the window.

A short time later, the offender returns and tries to smash open the rear door with a hammer, but fails.

Ambrose said they’ve noticed a large increase in thefts of electric scooters and e-bikes recently.

“We deal with a lot of customers that have had their electric scooters and electric bikes stolen, literally, none have been recovered by police from what we understand.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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