Yaldhurst family cat survives amputation following cruel pellet gun attack

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 04, 2024 |

Photo: Kirsten Parrett

A beloved Christchurch family cat named Scout is on the path to recovery after an act of cruelty left him with no choice but to have his leg amputated.

The cat fell victim to a shooting, enduring multiple pellet gun wounds that shattered the bones in his front left paw.

Kirsten Parrett, a Yaldhurst resident for over a decade, said her family’s first “fur child,” Scout, a spirited and affectionate cat known for his adventurous nature, was adopted as a kitten from the SPCA along with his siblings after their mother died from complications during birth.

“This was mine and my husband’s first fur child before our daughter arrived last year.”

Scout’s routine of exploring the outdoors during the day came to a halt on February 23 when he failed to return home.

Photo: Kirsten Parrett

The family’s concern grew when Scout eventually limped back, unable to bear weight on his injured paw.

Initial suspicions of a sprain quickly escalated as the cat’s condition worsened, leading to an urgent veterinary consultation.

“The vet rung us and told us that Scout had been shot in the leg with a pellet gun.

Not once but a few times, and the pellets were still in his leg,”

Faced with the grim options of either amputation or a lengthy, costly attempt at reconstruction, the family was thrust into a difficult financial dilemma.

The unexpected vet bills posed a significant burden, especially as Parrett had only recently returned to work from maternity leave.

The family contacted to several agencies, including the Cat Protection League and Cats Unloved, which covered the costs of Scout’s X-rays and surgery, alleviating some of the financial strain.

Photo: Kirsten Parrett

Ultimately, the decision to amputate was made to spare him further suffering and ensure a quicker recovery.

“We decided that it was in his best interest, well-being, health, and not to prolong his suffering that we decided that his leg needs to be amputated,” Parrett explained.

The surgery was successful, and Scout returned home, beginning the adjustment to life on three legs.

Photo: Kirsten Parrett

Parrett expressed both relief at having Scout back and outrage at the senseless violence:

“We are happy to have our baby boy back but we are very hurt, that there is someone out there shooting / hurting innocent animals and causing them harm as well as their beloved owners.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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