Police at scene of car fire in Aranui

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 24, 2022 |

Police were called to the scene of a car fire on Thursday night.

They received the call to Brightstone Crescent at 9.20PM.

The vehicle was initially reported as crashing into a wall at the end of the street.

Neighbours told Chris Lynch Media they heard a large explosion and ran outside to see a small car on fire.

They said it wasn’t immediately clear if the car smashed into a concrete blocks or if the sound was explosions from the car on fire.

However another neighbour later said “the car was set alight (along with fireworks inside the vehicle) a little back from the concrete blocks and flew forwards when exploded.

“The driver entered the street earlier, waited (my husband watched the car pass our property as he was waiting for our dog to use the toilet) set it alight and took off through the reserve.”

The street is not well lit and the incident happened at the end of the dead end street which turns into a reserve.

A police spokeswoman said last night “it appeared to be a single-vehicle crash, where the vehicle has then caught fire.”

In an update this morning police said it appeared to be just a car fire and no one was inside.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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