Car crashes into tree in Woolston, occupants flee scene

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 14, 2023 |

The occupants of a vehicle that crashed into a tree in Woolston fled the scene after failing to stop for police.

Emergency services were called to St Johns Street in Woolston at 8.50PM.

One of the occupants was found a short time later in the nearby river.

A police spokesperson told Chris Lynch Media, a vehicle failed to stop for police about 8.45pm on Buckleys Road in Linwood.

The vehicle then fled and was not pursued.

Witnesses reported seeing the car speeding and driving dangerously in Linwood.

It was located about five minutes later on St Johns Street having crashed the spokesperson said.

Two occupants fled, one of whom was located, while another two are currently speaking with police.

Fire and Emergency crews were also called to the scene.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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