Canterbury Police frustrated at driver behaviour

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 07, 2023 |

Canterbury Police are frustrated at motorists crossing the centre line on a stretch of highway in North Canterbury.

Over a two-hour period on Waitangi Day, North Canterbury Highway Patrol issued 18 infringements to drivers who were observed crossing the centre line on State Highway 1 just north of the Hundalee mountain range.

Each motorist received a $150 fine and 20 demerit points for failing to keep left. At least one of the motorists observed at one point had all four wheels of the car on the opposite side of the road, on a bend.

Senior Constable Andy Palmer says: “It was disappointing to see so many motorists risking their lives and that of their passengers and other road users by crossing the centre line.

“This is how head-on collisions occur. We are working to ensure these types of collisions are not occurring on our roads and we need motorists to play their part.

“We intend to carry out more of these operations in the near future, to influence better driving behaviour on our roads.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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