Canterbury firefighters attend “unprecedented number” of structure fires

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 20, 2022 |

Firefighters in Canterbury attended three times as many structure fires as they have in previous months in October.

Canterbury Community Risk Manager, Dean Harker said “we attend house fires all year round but last month we were called out to an unprecedented number.”

Many of the incidents have mostly been due to overheating electricals, frayed cords, overloaded multi plugs, unattended cooking and careless disposal of ashes, cigarettes, and embers.

Heading into the festive season, Dean Harker wants to remind Cantabrians to be vigilant when it comes to home fire safety.

“We socialise more in the warmer weather, so if you are having friends and whanau round for dinner or a barbeque, make sure you are not leaving the cooking unattended.”

Harker said “Christmas is just around the corner and it’s about time to put up the tree. Before doing so, check the plugs from your lights aren’t damaged, the cords aren’t frayed, and you’re not overloading your multiplugs. 

Harker said “this is also a timely reminder to check your smoke alarms and make sure you have an escape plan which you have practised”

“Smoke alarms are essential for an early warning of fire – when you sleep you lose your sense of smell so it’s important you press the button to check they are working.”

For more tips on how to stay fire safe this festive season, head to website

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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