A plea from firefighters as Canterbury’s fire risk spikes on Friday

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 19, 2023 |

Photo: Fire and Emergency NZ

Cantabrians are being asked to take particular care not to spark an unwanted fire on Friday, as the fire danger is likely to rise sharply for a period, before the arrival of some forecast showers later in the day.

Fire and Emergency’s Community Risk Manager, Dean Harker said his team is monitoring the factors which would underpin a decision to introduce fire restrictions in Canterbury.

“We are not at that threshold yet, but some parts of Selwyn, Waimakariri and Christchurch are getting close.”

Friday’s temperature high in Christchurch could get to 29 degrees.

Vegetation becomes easier to ignite as it dries out so things like a spark from a mower blade hitting a stone, a hot vehicle exhaust parked in long grass, or an unattended camp stove can all cause a fire that will spread quickly.

Farmers should avoid burning stubble on Friday right across Canterbury on Friday for the same reason.

Some parts of the wider Canterbury region are already under restrictions so it’s best to refer to the www.checkitsalright.nz website to see whether it is OK to light fires and set off fireworks, as well as for general advice on outdoor fire safety.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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