Canterbury drivers facing ‘unacceptable’ delays to take license tests

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 05, 2023 |

Wait times for Canterbury drivers taking their license tests have soared, with one woman informed there is no availability until Christmas.

Anouschka Adolph told Chris Lynch Media her daughter recently went for her full license, which she had to book six weeks in advance.

“She did not pass the test, which is on her, but we have been trying to book her in again and between VTNZ in Christchurch, Rangiora, Ashburton, and Timaru, you cannot make a booking this side of Christmas, she said.

“This is insane, it makes you wonder what exactly is being done about this, as it’s not acceptable.”

Anna says her daughter needs her to get her full license before her husband is deployed for 6 months.

“I wanted her to be my emergency backup just in case, but because of this situation she will probably not be able to do this before he gets back.”

“We have been told to keep an eye out for cancellations.”

The stress and mental health effects have piled on the pressure for drivers, with Anna’s daughter desperate to have another chance to get her license.

“She is fine, but she’s annoyed at herself for her stupid mistake, she’s more worried as she wanted to get this to be a support for me.”

Another Christchurch resident who lives in Halswell told Chris Lynch Media after waiting for nearly two months to take a test, they received a devastating text message today.

“I was told the testing officer scheduled to take my driving test later this week was unavailable due to circumstances beyond VTNZ’s control. My test has now been moved to the 15th of August, another month away. It’s completely unacceptable.”

In a statement, a VTNZ spokesperson said wait times in Canterbury have varied over recent weeks.

“VTNZ has appointed two additional Driver Testing Officers, who have just completed their training in Christchurch at the end of June.

“This will help manage the demand in the region, and we expect to see a return to normal levels over the coming weeks.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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