Canterbury and Lincoln university parties cancelled prompting police to issue a warning

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 21, 2021 |

The Lincoln University Garden Party and the University of Canterbury Students’ Association Tea Party have both been cancelled because of Covid restrictions.

Senior Sergeant Roy Appley said it was disappointing for students that the end of year Garden and Tea parties could not go ahead due to alert level restrictions.

“We want to ensure that you are still able to enjoy your day but do so within the current Alert Level 2 restrictions.”

“We are working with both Canterbury and Lincoln University staff to ensure the safety of all students. We’re not there to ruin your fun, we just want you to stay safe.”

Under Alert Level 2, gatherings are limited to a maximum of 100 people. 

Senior Sergeant Roy Appley said “we will take an education-first approach to advise you on the current restrictions but will take enforcement action if necessary.”

“We want to thank those students who have already been proactive in registering their parties with Good One Party.”

If you are hosting a party we encourage you to register this with Good One Party. They have had some great parties registered and visited by Police to assist party organisers with safety measures and how to call for assistance when needed.

“Good One Party is a great way to manage your party and if something does get out of hand, that’s where we can help.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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