Bromley roads to be upgraded at key intersections and school crossings

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 12, 2022 |

A project to improve the safety of Bromley’s roads will see upgrades to two key intersections and to school crossings.

The Bromley Traffic Project was allocated one million dollars over three years in Christchurch City Council’s budget to help address issues with heavy traffic, speed, and safety for children travelling to and from Bromley School.

Head of Transport Lynette Ellis says the funding will help to get the project underway while other sources of funding are identified.

“Intersection layout and crossing facilities will be upgraded at the McGregors Road/Hay Street/Butterfield Avenue intersection and the Bromley/Keighley’s Road intersection with the initial funding.

The crossings near Bromley School will also be improved and additional crossings are a possibility.”

Council staff will also investigate a gateway-style entrance to the residential area to help slow traffic and the Safe Speeds Neighbourhood consultation currently open for feedback until January 3rd 2023 is proposing to reduce speeds in neighbourhood streets, especially those around schools.

 It is hoped minor works will be completed throughout next year and the main intersection works will get underway by the end of next year.

Council staff are working closely with the community and any community members wishing to get involved in the project can contact [email protected].

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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