Pak’nSave Hornby recalls in-store made bread rolls because of glass

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 15, 2022 |

Photo: MPI

Pak’nSave Hornby is recalling a specific batch of in-store made Plain Bread Rolls as the products may contain foreign matter (hard clear kglass/plastic) according to MPI.

The recall includes 6 pack and 18 pack rolls made in store.

The Ministry of Primary Industries said the Batch marking Is Packed on 11.10.22 with a Best Before Date: 13.10.22

Photo: MPI

The product was sold in Pak’nSave Hornby.

This recall does not affect any other made in-store products.

MPI said customers should check the date mark on the label of the product.

Affected product should not be consumed.

There have been no reports of associated injury, however if you have consumed any of this product and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

Customers should return the product(s) to Pak’nSave Hornby for a full refund.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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