Kelvin Cruickshank’s West Melton show “a disappointment”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 11, 2021 |

Kelvin Cruickshank’s show in West Melton on Saturday night has been labelled a “disappointment.”

Audience members contacted Chris Lynch saying they were underwhelmed by the self proclaimed ‘psychic medium.’

Jackie East who attended the show went with friends, but found Cruickshank “rude.”

“It cost $65 which i guess is reasonable for some but a lot of money for others. My friends and I were very disappointed. In the first half of the show he read two people and in the second half maybe five people.”

She said his microphone kept playing up which was “making him angry.” He was mocking and rude to some of the people.

“There were a lot of people hoping for more. Overall we left feeling very deflated. He joked continuously about West Melton being a hick town.”

East believed Cruickshank “has a gift, but he did ask a lot of questions.”

Cruickshank’s shows are described on ticket websites as “Kelvin working with spirit.” Kelvin will read as many people permitted by spirit per session, although we do not guarantee that he can read everyone.”

“I felt most of the show was about him and he seemed a bit arrogant at times. He mocked the people he was reading, touching on very personal, unnecessary information and predicting the possibility of a girl’s future child drowning and told her to be aware.”

“I felt only two readings were on point. He touched on marriage difficulties and dirty littered cars with two different younger women that didn’t know each other.”

“Four people got up and walked out at different times.”

Two other audience members, who didn’t want to be named said they thought “his show was a scam.”

Kelvin Cruickshank has been approached for comment.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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