Auckland couple will be prosecuted after flying to Wanaka holiday home

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 12, 2021 |

Police are reiterating the strict requirements in place for anyone looking to cross Alert level boundaries.

It follows a small number of “disappointing” incidents that have occurred at Auckland’s southern boundary in recent days.

A police spokesperson said police have been made aware this weekend of an Auckland couple who crossed the Alert Level 4 border with essential worker exemptions, drove to Hamilton Airport, then flew to their holiday home in Wanaka.

“This calculated and deliberate flouting of the Alert Level 4 restrictions is completely unacceptable and will be extremely upsetting to all those who are working hard and making great sacrifices in order to stamp out Covid in our community.”

The couple – a 26-year-old woman and 35-year-old man – will be prosecuted for breaching the current Health Order, by failing to return to their place of residence within the Alert Level 4 area after leaving for approved essential personal movement.

The couple will be issued with a summons to appear in court in the coming week.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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