Angela Blackmoore murder: Pair sentenced to at least 10 years’ jail

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 19, 2024 |

David Hawken and Rebecca Wright-Meldrum have received “life sentences” for their roles in the almost 30-year-old murder of Angela Blackmoore.

Detective Sergeant Todd Hamilton said police acknowledged the sentences of life imprisonment, with 10 years non-parole, handed down today in the High Court at Christchurch for the murder of Angela Blackmoore on 17 August 1995.

“Today was about Angela and her family. It has been a long and painful nearly three decades since Angela was taken away from them, with most of those spent not knowing who was responsible.

“This has been a long process for all involved. Since Angela’s murder, our focus has been bringing the people responsible to justice.

“Over the years that focus did not change. Her family, including her parents who are no longer with us, have conducted themselves with dignity and perseverance across this long and difficult journey.

In May 2019, as part of a renewed push for information, police offered a reward for information in relation to Angela’s murder. Later that year, Police filed charges against two people, one of whom pleaded guilty in 2020 and has already been sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

The second person, plus a third charged in May 2020, have had their sentences handed down today.

“I want to thank all the Police staff that have worked tirelessly on this case over three decades to get answers for the family, especially the staff that have been working on this case since 2019, and the small team that have bought this matter to trial.

Today’s sentencing doesn’t bring Angela back, and it certainly doesn’t cure the grief the family has endured, but we hope it will help them move forward.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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