Andrew Turner publicly announces intention to stand for mayor of Chch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 21, 2021 |

Andrew Turner told a small gathering last night why he wants to be the next mayor of Christchurch

Christchurch Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner has publicly announced his intention to stand for mayor of Christchurch at next year’s local body elections.

The Labour Party’s People’s Choice councillor told a small gathering in the city last night he believes his nearly nine years in office will help get him there.

“I’m fortunate to have worked along side Lianne (Dalziel). I’ve done a lot of work the mayor has done, so it would be a seamless translation into that full leadership role.”

Turner said his council work with local Iwi has been recognised around the country, and he’s keen to continue that work.

“I’ve got some huge ambitions about what this city can be, and I’m very aware, because of the job i’ve been doing, that is needs strong leadership, but as well as strong leadership, it needs a strong team of people that share the values of the mayor.”

He said “I’m confident, we can build that team, I’m confident that I could lead that team, and I’m confident we can have a progressive majority around our council table that finishes the job of regenerating Christchurch.”

Andrew Turner said he’s still deciding on if he will stand as mayor in a “People’s Choice campaign” but said “this is going to be a collaborative Labour endorsed, through the Labour party organisation campaign, but what flag we choose to fly, strategically will be worked through.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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