Alcohol watchdog “thrilled” at Council’s support on proposed liquor laws

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 07, 2022 |

An alcohol watchdog is “thrilled” the Christchurch City Council has joined Auckland Council in supporting a Private Members’ Bill which cracks down on liquor laws.

The Bill seeks to remove the appeals process from Local Alcohol Policies, which has been used by supermarkets and bottle stores to prevent or delay regulation of alcohol availability.

It also seeks to end alcohol sponsorship of broadcast sport, as well as strengthen the criteria for District Licensing Committees to consider when making decisions on applications for a licence to sell alcohol.

Alcohol Healthwatch Executive Director Dr Nicki Jackson said the organisation congratulates the council for voting to support of the bill.

“With New Zealand’s two largest Councils requesting alcohol law change, representing over 40% of the national population, Alcohol Healthwatch looks forward to the local MPs getting behind the proposed Bill, sooner rather than later.”

“Alcohol Healthwatch urged Councillors to continue to show strong leadership by supporting the Bill and calling for a wide review of the country’s liquor laws as a step toward supporting healthier environments free from the harms of alcohol.”

“The decision sends a strong message that leaders in Christchurch are rightly concerned about alcohol harm and want to see change. Local governments need to be empowered to protect their communities but are powerless to do so with our weak alcohol laws and endless avenues of litigation available to well-resourced alcohol retailers.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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