Akaroa, Duvauchelle, and Takamatua Face Water Restrictions Amid Dry Spell

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 31, 2024 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council

Residents of Akaroa, Duvauchelle, and Takamatua on Banks Peninsula are being asked to tighten their taps as Level 2 water restrictions are set to be implemented due to the ongoing dry conditions affecting local water supplies.

Starting from 5pm on Friday, 2 February, the new restrictions will limit water use to hand-held hosing only, with a ban on outdoor water use between 3pm and 9pm daily.

The use of unattended hoses, sprinklers, and garden irrigation systems will be prohibited at all times.

Christchurch City Council’s Head of Three Waters, Brent Smith, said “the streams that supply drinking water to Akaroa, Duvauchelle and Takamatua have dropped steadily in recent weeks, and with more hot weather on the way water restrictions are needed.”

Although the treatment plants and reservoirs are currently in good condition, the reduced water flow necessitates community action to alleviate pressure on the water supply.

Smith urged residents and visitors to adhere to the restrictions, act responsibly, and conserve water to avoid the imposition of more severe restrictions.

He warned, “If water use doesn’t come down level 4 restrictions might be needed forcing stronger restrictions.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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