Additional police staff in Christchurch for gang event

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 15, 2023 |


Extra police staff are being brought to Christchurch for a gang event over the weekend.

Detective Inspector Joel Syme said police are aware of a planned event involving members and associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Additional police staff will be deployed to closely monitor the behaviour of those attending the event.

“Our expectations around these types of events are very clear and I can assure the community that we will have resources in place to respond to reports of unlawful behaviour,” Syme said.

“We also encourage the public to report any instances of unlawful activity and unsafe driving to us, so we can take appropriate action,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, police responded to a crash involving two motorcycles travelling to the event.

The crash on SH 1 (Omihi Road), north of Amberley, was reported to police at 11.25am.

Nobody was injured and the road was not blocked. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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