34 million dollar upgrade for Christchurch stadium streets

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 28, 2023 |

Christchurch City Council will press ahead with major upgrades to streets around the Christchurch stadium.

The changes include a “refined option” to upgrade Lichfield Street between Manchester and Madras streets, which will see it retain its current dual-direction state – but with a 10km speed limit.

Lichfield Street West will also feature “flexible outdoor dining spaces” loading and parking spaces “traffic-calming measures” retractable bollards and electronic signs to help with traffic management during larger events.

The upgrade to Lichfield St West will cost $4.5 million; this is $1.2 million more than the original option, which would have transformed the street to a one-way, pedestrian-safe road.

Christchurch City Central Councillor Jake McLellan said “why would we spend almost three quarters of a billion dollars and then not spend a little bit to enable safe and proper access to our to our crown jewel.”

Papanui Councillor Victoria Henstock supported the upgrades and said “I have great hopes for our city in this regard and I think we’re aiming to be the best event space in the country if not southern hemisphere.

The improvements to the public realm are absolutely vital to the success of this project as a whole.”

Councillor for Harewood Ward, Aaron Keown said “I don’t actually have confidence on planning how people get to and from the stadium.”

As well as the Lichfield St West upgrades, changes including widening footpaths, slower speed limits, landscaping, pedestrian crossings and changing the travel direction of some streets will be made to Lichfield, Madras, Tuam and Barbadoes streets.

The project is expected to cost about $34 million.

$11.4 million of this is ear-marked to upgrade the water supply, wastewater and stormwater pipes that are at the end of their life.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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