One new COVID-19 case reported in Christchurch

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 17, 2021 |

There is one new case to report in Christchurch today.

Interviews have determined a clear link to the Auckland cluster.

The person flew back to Christchurch on flight NZ 1295 last Saturday 13 November after travelling to Auckland for an event.

They person became symptomatic on Sunday and went for a test on Monday.

The person lives in a household of six people. The household is isolating and will be tested.

Please check the Ministry’s locations of interest page, for details about any locations if and when they’re identified.

Passengers on flight NZ1295 are advised to monitor for symptoms for the next 10 days and get a test today.

Additional capacity has been added to current community testing centres in Orchard Road and Pages Road in Christchurch – both are open 7 days a week. Details are available here.

People can check if their GP can provide COVID-19 testing by calling them or via the Healthpoint website

There is plenty of capacity at all vaccination clinics in Canterbury.

The Drive Through Vaccination Clinic in Addington is open until 7.30pm every weeknight, and there’s a pop up vaccination event in the car park at New World in Ferry Road Thursday and Friday this week from midday until 6.30pm.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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