10 youths arrested in Christchurch following shocking crimewave

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 18, 2023 |

Subway at Wigram was targeted by youths in a crimewave in Christchurch overnight

Christchurch police have arrested ten youths following a shocking crime wave across the city.

A police spokeswoman told Chris Lynch Media a group of four youths were taken into custody in relation to a burglary at a store on Wakefield Avenue in Sumner, reported to police at 2am.

A second group of four youths were taken into custody following a burglary [at Subway} on The Runway in Wigram, reported to Police at 4.15am.

Stolen cars were used in all of the offences Chris Lynch Media understands.

Enquiries are being undertaken to confirm whether this second group of youths were also involved in a burglary at Rebel Sport on Rotherham Street in Riccarton, reported to Police at 3.45am.

Rebel Sport on Rotherham Street in Riccarton targeted by youths

Separately, two youths were taken into custody after officers observed a stolen car being driven dangerously on Hargood Street in Woolston.

The car was subsequently found abandoned on McGregors Road in Bromley at 2.50am and two youths were located by officers a short time later.

Super Liquor on Colombo Street was smashed in Sydenham

Police are also following positive lines of enquiry in relation to two other burglaries in the city overnight – one at a vape store on Main North Road in Redwood at 2.50am, and one at a liquor store on Colombo Street in Sydenham at 3am.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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