10-year-old “beautiful, smart, kind” Christchurch girl fighting for life after suffering rare condition

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 02, 2023 |

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A 10-year-old Christchurch girl described as “beautiful, smart and kind” is fighting for her life in Auckland’s Starship Hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

On Saturday the 17th of December, Kora Tuliau Hilton wasn’t feeling well.

She was on holiday in Dunedin with her nana and had been suffering from a sore head.

Her mother’s friend Georgana Clarke said Kora had been sleeping longer than usual and her sister kept waking her, but she couldn’t get up and had only weak responses.

“Shortly after this, Kora vomited and collapsed and suffered two seizures which prompted her nana and aunty to immediately call an ambulance.

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In the ambulance Kora became unconscious. At the hospital, an MRI was conducted which discovered significant bleeding on the brain.

“Unknowingly, she had developed small clusters of abnormal blood vessels which had developed since birth and they had burst.

Her condition was so critical and sensitive that the only option was emergency surgery to drain the fluid and blood from her brain.”

Her aunty Siné Davies told Chris Lynch Media Kora’s condition is rare and unexpected.

“The day before her brain bleed, she was full of life jumping around so it has shocked us all.”

From Left to Right Kaea (sister) Ashley (mum) Keanu (sister) Kora and Marley (brother)

The surgery was successful enough to stabilise her and get her to Auckland Starship hospital where she was placed on critical life support.

She currently has two drains on her brain, as they are unfortunately unable to stop the bleeding.

“Her mother Ashley and siblings are taking each day as it comes and hoping for the best and safest outcome for Kora.”

Kora is a beautiful, smart and kind girl. She loves anime, dancing, and telling us random facts. Her smile lights up every room she enters and her presence is a blessing” Davies said.

A Give A little Page has been set up for the family to help with travel costs from Christchurch to Auckland

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