“Hopeful recovery” for 10-year-old who suffered life-threatening haemorrhage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 17, 2023 |

It’s been one month since Kora Tuliau Hilton was placed on life support after suffering a brain haemorrhage, but her family says she’s making progress.

The Christchurch born 10-year-old was holidaying in Dunedin, with her two younger siblings Kaea (8), Keanu (5) and older brother Marley (14), when she complained of a headache.

She collapsed and suffered two seizures on the 17th of December.

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She was rushed to Dunedin Hospital for emergency surgery to drain excess fluid and blood from her brain and was then flown to the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

It was discovered Kora had developed small clusters of abnormal blood vessels which had developed since birth and had burst causing a brain haemorrhage.

Family friend Georgiana Clarke told Chris Lynch on Wednesday “six surgeries later and Kora is in a stable condition.

Kora has bilateral external ventricular drains on both sides of her brain used to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid.

One of the drains is clamped as Kora’s brain is able to drain this fluid itself with the aim to remove both drains.

She’s on IV antibiotics through a central line to fight against infection.”

From Left to Right Kaea (sister) Ashley (mum) Keanu (sister) Kora and Marley (brother)

“She seems to have gotten through this with no more fevers and constant CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) sampling to monitor the infection.

From this week, Kora no longer needs a nasogastric tube for feeding or medication administration as she is eating and drinking well orally” Clarke said.

“With the help of the physio and occupational therapists, Kora has been able to sit up and transfer into a chair for some time out of bed for 30 minutes a day.

She is making all the right steps and recovery looks hopeful, however, at this stage, it may be a long road ahead.”

Georgiana Clarke said the week before the brain haemorrhage, Kora attended her aunty’s graduation and was very excited about her own possibilities of one day graduating from university, trying on her aunty’s cap with pride.

Kora Tuliau Hilton with her Aunty Sofia at Auckland’s Starship Hospital Photo: Supplied

“Kora is a beautiful young girl, gentle in nature and kind in spirit. She is usually full of life, creative and loves her friends and family. 

Kora’s family is forever grateful for the many prayers, support, and love that have come in from all corners of the world. We feel blessed the Give A little Page was created to help support mum Ashley and the four children.

The family has been completely overwhelmed by the amount of money donated and is so grateful.

The money will go towards all ongoing recovery costs therapy and medical equipment needed for Kora to rehabilitate and also all transportation costs for her to get home to Melbourne and set up costs to cater to her new needs when they return home. 

Ashley’s family and extended family would like to express their gratitude to everyone who have sent well wishes, gifts and messages of love.

Your prayers have reached Kora and we remain positive and hopeful she will continue on the path to healing. Forever Grateful.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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